Rebirth // Gaea

I wrote this piece a little over a year ago, with this exact title - I couldn't chose between the two. I'd forgotten all about it and basically stumbled on it just now in a document, looking for something else entirely. It wasn't her time yet to be thrown out there, but I believe it's safe to say... now it is.

With love, hope and rainbows,





I have a newfound fire in me

one that is raging like a tempest

and I am unsure of whether

I am waves or wailing ship

I only know that it is bursting

as if my chest cages it, still

as if my lungs wish to move out to grasp

even more oxygen to burn

yearning to turn into the ever scorching smoldering of breath

one that creates and trashes, tears down and ruins

but only to build up from the ashes

I have a newfound fire in me

one that rekindled after years

and uses all my woodlands like a fuel

it is a forest fire, one that we know the world has in her

yet we are stunned at the profoundness

when she finally bursts out

taking life beyond our graps

making room for fertile soil

I have a newfound fire in me

and I am left here at the burrows

at the emptiest of lands

all those ancients of which I thought they stood

so tall and strong and rooted

fallen, fled, collapsed, or ill

only land remains here, still

and I discover that now, finally

as dark clouds drift and then dissolve

I can see past the horizon

where the sky is filled with hope

a path with seven colours guiding

to lands that need to be discovered

space we have not been before

hidden realms not yet uncovered

oceans deep to be explored

for all the tempests, tides and raging gales

any wildfire aflame

a new world will be born

I trust and see, hope and believe

oh, Mother

life is not a thing forlorn




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