Here I am.


Signed, sealed, delivered. Yours. Or at least, at your service.

I’m all about the Ecstasy of Being and the Radiance of Love. Both, I believe, our natural state of being. Our raison d’être. Our essence, genetic blueprint, birthright. The home we are remembering to come back home to. 

You are my greatest inspiration. My mirror and motivation. The reflection that shows me all the parts of myself I have denied, suppressed, ignored and hurt. And even more so, the reflection that shows me just how strong, beautiful, resilient and downright divine we truly are.

I believe loneliness is an epidemic. That depression and burnout are healthy symptoms of a dis-eased way of living. That connection is the glue to our existence. That we are disconnected in many ways. To ourselves, other living beings, and the planet we call home. I also believe that not all is lost. That Presence heals. Sharing our stories and being heard, seen, felt, touched. Hearing, seeing, feeling, touching in return. Sharing our stories and rewriting them. Using your words well is weaving spells into being. There's a reason it's called spelling. And action is needed even more than words.

I am a scattered-but-determined soulpreneur, a creative at heart, Virgo Sun | Pisces Moon | Sag Rising, Human Design Reflector, 98% vegan, and irritatingly optimistic (according to some. But I’m positive this is a good thing). I find beauty and bliss and joy in the tiniest of things.

Anything valuable I  have to say comes from my own woundedness and healing, transformation and exploration. Digging my roots deep into the messy and uncomfortable.

I have a few jobs here on Earth. Spread awe and wonder like wildfire. Bridge science and the sacred. Help restore the power of embodied wisdom. Support those who desire to come back home. Love more than I am loved.

The path up until now has brought me all kinds of wild and wonderful. Journeys both outwards and in. From doing neuroscientific research in microgravity in a European Space Agency program, to diving deep into my own inner realms with plant medicine and dreams. From cocooning on a small private island in Stockholm, writing and restoring, to undergoing a death rite on a rooftop in the Mexican desert shortly after my father’s death.

I love both the uncertainty of unfolding and the bliss of understanding. I adore the dance between worlds. Embodiment to energy work, creative arts to technology, contemporary science to timeless wisdom. The dance between matter and magic, science and spirit – different sides of the same coin to me. An attempted discovery of what the f *!? this crazy wonderful things called life is. 

All in all I'm here weaving threads, connecting dots, admiring the beauty, and telling stories. Supporting the shift towards a world that experiences the vibrating Ecstasy of Being in her every living cell.

Because life is so much shorter than we think. It would be a waste to miss it while it happens. Be Present. Find your tribe, love them hard. Appreciate the tiny, fleeting moments. Do yo thang, know your heart, make your art. 


Risk everything for joy. And know that it's an inside job.

With love,



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